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"Sciences in school" au Lycée Mansart

vendredi 10 février 2006 par Joëlle Mirabaud

Les élèves de section européenne ont eu l’opportunité d’écouter des chercheurs venus d’Écosse leur expliquer en anglais l’intérêt de leur engagement.

Diaporamas :

Science and Society

Science and society ;


Activities :


How and why the dinosaurs died out ;
It’s not rocket science !!


Dr Allen Thurston from Dundee University Faculty of Education and Social Work and Estelle Brisard, Lecturer in Education from the University of Paisley were the two researchers who took part in the Science in Schools visit to Lycée Mansart in St Cyr l’Ecole. Allen Thurston was a marine biologist who now specialises in Science in Education, a subject which fitted particularly well with the purpose of the Science in Schools programme. Estelle is an education specialist who carries out research programmes on comparison of national education systems. Her experience in this field was a good complement to Allen Thurston’s area of research for the purpose of this visit.

Allen and Estelle had initially agreed to do one presentation for a group of 30 pupils from 1ères européennes whose science teacher, Joëlle Mirabaud, was very keen to have her class benefit from what she viewed as a very profitable initiative.
However, the head teacher of Lycée Mansart who also saw an interest in this programme asked if another class of Secondes Européennes could benefit from the visit. Allen and Estelle then very kindly agreed to do another presentation in the morning for this class and therefore did two sessions of three hours each.

Allen conducted the sessions in the form of a workshop including a power point presentation and a range of indoor and outdoor group activities while Estelle, being francophone, facilitated the comprehension and the group exercises. The theme of the workshop - Science in Society - was particularly suited to this young audience and the format of the workshop allowed some very varied activities ranging from quizzes and discussions, website searching on dinosaur extinction and launching water powered rockets on the school lawn.

This resulted in a very lively and interactive session which was very well received by both groups of pupils and teachers. Allen and Estelle’s generous contribution to this Science and School visit was certainly rewarded by the obvious interest the pupils showed in the presentations and the very positive comments they made on their feedback questionnaires. (said Nicole Garcia of British Council)

Scorecard - RISE :
Location : Lycée Mansart, Saint-Cyr l’Ecole
Speakers : Doctor Estelle Brisard (Lecturer in Education, School of Education, University of Paisley) and Doctor Allen Thurston (University of Dundee)
Themes : Science in Schools
Date : 10 November 2005

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