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Témoignage d’élèves sur la dimension européenne

mercredi 8 février 2012 par Cécile CARON

Different teenagers lifes all around the world ! (teenagers lifes) :
" Each teenagers wants to go out to see his guys and do everything his parents forbide him.That’s what makes us all the same.But not everyone spend by the same thing their time.Lots of activities dipend on the wehther conditions so we can’t have the same activities everywhere. In Finland we can do snow battles whereas in Tunisia we can go sunbathing !! 2. In France, we work almost 36 hours per weeks without taking care of homeworks and extratimes 3. Fortunately, we can buy very expensive sodas not to be dry and snacks to be fat."
Editor(s) : anonymous

Hobbies after school :
" In france we are used to taking our time to come home because we don’t want to leave our friends so we speak more and more while time goes by even if we have spent the whole day together. We always have something to add.That’s why our parents don’t understand why we are in late. How do we organise our life out of school ?
Most of the time we have to do our homework. A few students work immediatly after school whereas the big part of the French students begin by eating, watching TV or listening to music. It’s only after that they begin to work. It’s clear that when you have spent 7 hours at school, you don’t want to work again and again... We are girls so we can’t say what guys do after school but we know that our hobbies are linked. For example :
- Most of French students practise a sport they have chosen to do to be able to think about different things. When they don’t meet their friends, they like going on chats on the internet to extend their relationships.
- They listen to different types of music. Every one listen to their own music because they recognize themselves to lyrics.
- During the week-end, when students have enough time to do soethng else, girls like to do the shopping, because they enjoy temselves and laugh a lot whereas boys prefers to do football matches or things like that.
- Nowadays, a big part of students has a mobile phone. It’s a new opening to young people.
To conclude, we can say that hobbies can be different but they are always linked. We think that these types of hobbies are the same in france. It’s your turn to know if your activities are based on the same principes."
Editor(s) : Laura Dali, Samantha Chevallier et Morgane Millet.

Life of 2 french teenagers in a European class :
" Here is our timetable in a week, from monday to saturday :
- Monday:From 8h15am to 5h00pm(Sport,french,history,own options,english)
- Tuesday:From 8h15am to 5h00pm(Languages,physics,history and english,french,english,languages)
- Wesnesday:From 8h15am to 12h15pm(Biology,math,physics,french)
- Thursday:From 8h15am to 4h00pm(Latin,languages,english,own options,physics,biology)
- Friday:From 8h15am to 6h00pm(English,math,languages,history in english,math,history,latin)
- Saturday:From 8h15am to 12h15pm(Math,french) Languages are composed of:arabic,greek,italian,german and spanish(according to our choices !)
Our lessons spend around 55 minutes.We have got free time on the morning which spend 15 minutes and an other on the afternoon which spend the same time. Our highschool is situate in St Cyr but all the students don’t live in that town so we’ve to take the bus on the morning at 7h30 and to come back at home.
We’ve to get up at 6h30am and most of the teenagers have to eat at the refectory ’cause of the distance of their home to the highschool.Generally,we have lunch at 12h15 but sometimes,our lessons don’t permit us to eat so early so we’ve lunch at 13h00pm or 11h15am when ther’s a miracle !
We’ve about 37 hours of lessons in a week.We’ve so many funny friends and we do a lot of things no reglemental in the highschool....sorry but we need fun !Our highschool is very free:we can smoke(whatever we want...!),we can eat all the times if we want(soda,cakes,sweets...) but the teachers can’t ! What a pity for them ! We can also have our mobile phone on us (in our pocket or on our hands) and we can phone to our friends in the highshcool ! Is it not so good ?"
Editor(s) : Camille Roux et Cécile Petitpas in the Lycée Mansart

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